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Craig Messner

Craig Messner

Walden Craig Messner 



Walden Craig Messner, age 48, was born January 15, 1951 and died september 10, 1999.  He was born to Walden Hughes and Hazel Leake Messner, and loved his parents very much for giving him a solid foundation of love, security and values he carried with him his whole life.  Craig loved his sister Linda very much.  Not only were they brother and sister but also the best of friends.  Craig had a very happy childhood and would captivate friends and famuily alike with  the tales of the antics and adventures he, his sister and their friends would share.  Craig graduated from South High.  In 1969 he married his high school sweetheart, Mary Emms.  together they had two wonderful sons,  Mathew Dene and Michael Walden, his proudest achievements.  Craig and Mary later divorced.  In 1981 Craig married Patricia Lee Colvin, adding not only wife, friend and companion to his life, but also a stepdaughter, LeeAnn, to nurture and love.  In the last few years of his life Craig not only a loving son, brother, husband, father , uncle, and friend, he was grandfather.  with great love patience and pride he touched the hearts of his grandchildren, Justina, Sarah, and Lorenzo forever.  Craig enjoyed people and music and when the two combined was when he had the most fun.  He loved being with his friends to talk, laugh, play guitar and sing.  He was the best kind of friend anyone could have.  He always had a smile to share, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and a hear full of love to give.

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