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Jerry Isham







Jerry Isham

United States Marine Corps


Gerald Allen Smith


Jerry Isham also known as Gerald Allen Smith was killed in action on August 29, 1969 near Da Nang,  South Viet Nam.  Jerry had only been deployed in Viet Nam just 18 days before he was killed while on patrol.  He was serving in the United States Marine Corp as a Private First Class.  He was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously for his ultimate sacrifice.  Interment in Cortez, Colorado   


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06/30/09 08:31 PM #1    

William Bunker

Semper Fi.....One Marine to another. God Bless

07/12/09 11:32 AM #2    

Nancy Wilcock (Atwood)

Jerry Isham
Jerry thank you for serving Our Country. I was shocked to see that you had passed on. Such a tragedy for such a great guy. (Click on his name and you will see a memorial I made for him plus his 1967 School Picture.)

07/14/09 10:54 PM #3    

Herman Ruseler

I never knew your real name. Somehow I could never forget you and the wonderful times we had. I was in a C130 headed for Okinawa reading a letter from my mom,that's how I got the news. I was devasted. Spent many years looking for your name on the wall. Never will forget you pal. Semper Fi. Herm

07/01/14 06:18 PM #4    

Samuel Woffinden

The Jerry I remember was as a classmate at the Liberty Elementary School. We all remember best Jerry's fantastic "stories" in the 4th grade of he and his dog Tonto(?). What an imagination! I heard last of Jerry's passing from Randy Brown who had joined the Corp with Jerry on the condition that they could serve together at least through boot camp. He was yet another person whom I could call "friend".  It surprises me greatly that Randy hasn't recorded a comment here in tribute to their very close friendship.   Randy?

02/13/15 05:30 PM #5    

Don Catmull

Randy Brown, Mike Laitinen & I made the trip to southwestern Colorado in early Sept of 1969 to attend the funeral and burial of Jerry. His funeral service was conducted in a small Catholic chapel in the town of Dolores. His casket was open with a piece of glass separating him from us. He was in his Dress Blues and with the exception of a large bandage on the top of his head you might have believed he was sleeping. His funeral was followed by a burial service in a small dusty cemetery lot just two miles south of the town. The service included a member of the military blowing a mournful rendition of Taps and the presentation of our national ensign to his Mother.

Almost thirty eight years later, in July of 2007, on my first visit to Washington D.C, I visited the Viet Nam Memorial. I stood before the black granite walls and reflected upon the passage of time. This 55 year old man could hardly see through the tears at the carved name of Gerald Allen Smith.

God Bless You Jerry.

Thank You for your sacrifice.

02/13/15 06:41 PM #6    

Barbara Gonzales (Mackay)

I knew Jerry from early on.  We attended the same church growing up.  I have fond memories of him and some of the other South High Cubs who went to our church as well, Gregory Allen, Larry Archuleta are just a few more.  I did not know Jerry had passed away until reading this here.

May God continue to bless his sould and may he forever rest in peace.

Thank you to those of you who shared this memory.


Barbara Gonzales Mackay

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