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Residing In: Centennial, CO USA
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Children: three

Just a little bit about me..
First, I want to thank Kathy, Dave and everyone else for their hard work that made this web site possible. We all owe you many thanks for your hard work and continued diligence.
The 40 year reunion was my first, and to tell the truth, I had never thought much about reunions or even knew this web site existed until Kathy Gates called me out of the blue. Perhaps many from the Class of 69’ are the same as me, remembering high school as a distant past, but remembering our friends and friendships as they where only yesterday. Attending our 40 year was a fantastic experience, one I plan to continue and I will always remember it as special time for two reasons. First, as soon as I walked in the door my daughter called to say I had a new granddaughter, who had come two 2 weeks early, (never been a master of timing) and second, seeing all of you who came, remembering friends now gone and wondering what ever happened to the classmates that where part of my past that I didn’t get to see.
Well if you ever look me up on the South High Class of 69’web page and wonder what happened to the only Reinhold you ever knew, I want to give you a quick synopsis of my life; and I’m sure if no one ever reads it, it will at least be fun for me to read 40 more years from now.
As the bio says, I have three children, lost my middle son a few years back, have 2 grandchildren (boy and girl), live in Denver (for the past 22 years), married for almost 40 years to my High School sweetheart Pam Larsen (class of 70’), graduated from the U of U (almost as long ago as high school), worked for Mt Bell/US West for 22 years, another company for 8 years, started my own business 8 years ago and just keep hoping Social Security stays intact so I can retire in a few more years. My wife and I love to travel and I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to many countries, including walking the great wall, trying to stay Hydrated in the Valley of the Kings, being awe struck in Petra, walked the same steps as Jesus, heard Big Ben, spit from the top of the Eifel Tower, sung the “hills are alive” in the Alps, smelled the lemons along the Amalfi coast, pissed off the White Cliffs of Dover and remember all too well drinking too much wine overlooking a beautiful valley in Tuscany. Hunting/fishing has always been a passion and I’ve been blessed to spend time doing both with my sons in the lower 48, Alaska and Canada. I’ve been to 49 of 50 states and one day I will make it to Louisiana so I can finally mark it off the list. In 69’ I used to think my life was about me, marrying Pam changed that, it was changed again with the birth of my kids, the loss of a son and the birth of my grand kids and so my journey goes on.
But there are many more places to see and things to do and all I can hope for is that the next 40 years since High School go as well as the past 40. As for all of us, life hasn’t always been an easy road and all has not gone as I planned, but I look forward to my continuing journey and wish you all god speed and good travels in yours.

School Story:

School Story, what's this about, i'm glad to have made it through..

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How are the Lay twins? Just looking through the school web page and wanted to say hi. hope all is well..

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A Toast to old friends 2009
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Happy Trails